Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Do any of you faithful blog readers remember this post????  Well it seems as though cold weather welcomes worms into our newly cleaned goat stalls... 

This past week we've "welcomed" (not at all willingly) another case of worms and this time they decided to feast on our best milker... Ugh.

Coccidia ~ Photo Credit: Wikipedia
 Finding our dear Fiddle goat to have the exact same symptoms as Allegro her cousin doe did last year...  we began to treat her for Coccidia.  Thankfully, we were able to catch this dilima before the goat "went down". 

Now Fiddle "enjoys" (again not willingly) getting her Sulfadimethoxine (30 cc orally)-- everyday, Super B Complex (1.5 ml, IM)--everyday, and Probiotics (1cc, orally)--everyday.  Thankfully, we gave her a does of the Doramectin Antiparasitic (Sub-Q) already!

Mini Nubian Goat Kid ~ Photo Credit: Google
 Right now- we're just looking forward to when she gets back to looking as healthy as the adorable Mini Nubian goat kid above.  :)  We are very thankful that we caught this illness before it was too late for one of our top goats!!
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