Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Four Year Old’s Perspective :-)

A recent conversation with my 4-year-old brother~

Judah: “How old are you?”

Me: “19”

Judah: “When I get 19 and you are 19 I will be your age!”

Wow~ how fun will that be?  Usually, Judah keeps me laughing when he tells me that he'll carry me around when I get little and he gets big...  He has this idea that as he grows older I grow younger.  ;)  But I guess now I get to stay 19 for awhile until he catches up with me.  =)
I love little brothers!!
~Shiloh Ariel


Anonymous said...

Too cute! :)

Green Gardening Girl said...

I just did a post like that on FKIC!!! So sweet!

I love little brothers.

We are praying for your court date.