Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ice Skating

Yes, that's right!  For Monday "Girl Time", we went ice skating with our dear friend Bethany J.
We had a lot of fun... and a lot of falls!  None of us are that talented and we all couldn't remember the last time we went skating but we sure had a good time!

Enjoy the picture from our day!

Gearing up to go...

...And out on the ice!

Eden and I having a grand time!

Bethany and Shiloh going by...

...And then posing for the camera!
(Believe me, it takes some talent to be able to stand still like that!)

Can you tell that we were enjoying ourselves?!

And after a wonderful skate!

"Thanks for coming, Bethany!  We enjoyed skating with you!"

Stay tuned, Shiloh will be putting together a movie of our adventure on the ice!

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Oh, and I forgot to mention Judah... he came and watched us all skate!
When Mommy asked him what he thought of the ice, he told her, "It's cold!"

Waving at Judah from behind the glass.

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The First Rose said...

I'm sorry we couldn't join you this time! I'm glad you had fun!