Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Our Dear Mother!

Today is our dear mother's birthday.  In the past 2+4 (4+6-1y)-1+x-2+10 years Mommy has been a blessing to her family, has been married for 30 years, in 20 years has given birth to eight children (six biologically and two through adoption), and we love her very much!
Mommy | Graduation

Mommy with Shiloh in Texas | July 2010

Mommy with Daddy at Lost Lake | August 2010
Mommy with Mrs. D. at the Games | July 2011

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

We Love You!

Shiloh - Bethany - Jordan - Eden - Judah - Havilah - Benjamin

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Green Gardening Girl said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. S!!!

That first picture looks just like Shiloh!!! Wow!