Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eden Turns 13!

Is it really true?!?!  Is The Bobcat really growing up?!?!  It's true!  Today is Eden' very special day.  Why?  Because it's her Birthday!  Happy 13th Birthday Eden!
Now I think there is a story to be told.  This story is a tale of a very special sister who, for a very long time, was the baby of the family.
Oh, and she was very cute too!
This little girl was at the end of three older siblings.
They loved her dearly!
But... you must remember that she is a Bobcat at heart!
Well, one day we noticed that this little girl...
...Was growing up!
And my!  She wasn't so little anymore!
In fact, she was a big sister too!  Oh--but she still was the "Baby Girl of the Family!"
And she still gets teased by Bethany!
As Eden got bigger and better...
...So did the entertainment she provided for us!
And together we all had a great time!
Shiloh captured the Bobcat!!!  :)
Sometimes Eden can be found jigging on a log with Jordan...

...Or staring in the infamous "Vik & Nes Show" with Bethany!  (Eden as Vanessa, Bethany as Vikki)
(Click to enlarge)

Soon God blessed us all by enlarging our family!
Eden is such a great help with Benjamin and Havilah.
When does the fun stop when Eden is around?!
It is truly a blessing from the Lord to see how these three sisters...
...Have become four!

What a blessing Eden is to our family!!!

"We love you Eden!  Happy 13th Birthday!!!"

Please comment to wish Eden a very Happy Birthday!


Our family: said...

Happy 13th to Eden!!!

Gwennie said...

Happy Birthday Eden!! God bless you!


Miss Antoinette K. said...

Praying your day is filled with the Lord's blessings my dear and pray the Lord would grant us a chance to meet you and your family in the future! :)

much love and blessing on your special day Eden dear! *hugs*

Miss Antoinette

*Psalm 112:1-2*

Bisceglia Family said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Eden!

Love, Kathrina
P.S. Yes, that's 13 Happy's. :D

Kaggy said...

Happy Birthday and YO-BA-SHO to my favorite bobcat!! You are an angel no matter what anybody says! I love you!

Eden said...

Ha-ha! That was a great birthday post!!!!
@ Bethany: thing.... *whose* idea was it to put the Vick and Ness Show pictures on this post ::gulp::?!

Now people will know what you and I do in the "privacy!!"
Oh well! Great post!
@ ALL MY GREAT SIBLINGS: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! God has surely blessed me with *wonderful* siblings!
I love you very much!!!!

@ Gwennie and Our Family: Thanks for commenting! ;)


Rogers family said...

Happy birthday Eden! May the Lord bless you on your special day, and grow you in Him on all your days ahead!Love you!

The Serval Cat said...

Happy Birthday De-De,
Your feline friend

the Cerda's said...

Happy birthday Eden! Blessings to you on this special day!

the Cerda Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Eden,

I pray you are blessed and that you have a lovely day!!

In Christ,


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Thank you all for the comments!!


The Bobcat said...

@ The Serval Cat:
Thank you!
I love you, little sister!!! :P

~The bobcat

Shelbi said...

Happy birthday, Eden! I hope you day has been great! :)

Mikell said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Wow! Thirteen; a teen at last, yahoo!!! (Ah, but I'm sure you've heard enough of that to blow you into next week...):) I hope you have a marvelous birthday!

(by the way, I love all the pictures; they are so you!)

Green Gardening Girl said...

Happy Happy Birthday from the P. Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yvonne said...

Hello Eden,

Happy Birthday from the Smythe Family! We love you!

The Smythes

Jordan Strang said...

Happy Birthday Eden! It seems as if you are finally a ________! (Hope you know what that means!)

Rob Yardley said...

Happy birthday, Eden! I was not invited to your Bat Mitzvah, but I hope it was a great one!


Rob Yardley (and family)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday 13th Eden! We are thankful to be friends with cheerful, smiley you!

The Desmond Family

John 15:5

Cochran Family said...

Happiest of Birthdays to you Eden!!!

May the Lord bless and guide you always as you continue to love and serve Him with your whole heart!

Brad said...

Happy Birthday Eden!!!

Irish Maiden said...

Happy 13th Birthday! Happiness Peace, Joy on your Birthday Whatever hour God has blessed you with, take it with a grateful hand nor postpone your joys from year to year, so that in whatever place you have been you may say that you have lived happily.
-An Irish Birthday Blessing.
I love you, De-De!

Eden said...

@ Irish Maiden: Thank you! The Irish Blessing was so lovely!! :)

I love you,
P.S. did you see what my comment links to?!