Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music, Witnessing, & Singing

Recently we were asked to sing and play our instruments during an SDA's dinner...
After some instrumentals, we started with our "Christmas Bells" & "Angels We Have Heard on High"~ both are lovely arrangements complete with different parts.  Through practicing our younger sibling have learned both pieces so they joined in.

Later we did our newly arranged "We Three Kings" where each sibling sings a verse and the rest play they're instrument during the verse.

"We Three Queens" sing "We Three Kings". :)
Bethany was able to play a few selections with her violin student... 

Judah then made a special appearance on his very own Bodhran~ Irish drum!!  It was the perfect addition to "The Little Drummer Boy" with the harp, piano, and Bethany and Eden singing. :)

Towards the end, Jordan gave a Gospel presentation which we hope convicted many people there to look at their lives and wonder about the day when they will stand on their own before the Lord.  We were able to give out quite a few Million Dollar tracts from and Jordan was very excited to use "Giant Money" as an attention grabber~ it sure worked!

We ended with "Joy to the World" ~ another favorite our ours.

Posted By: Shiloh


The First Rose said...

That's pretty much how we started out! Hope you enjoyed it and your audience too!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Sarah: We did have lots of fun doing it! :) Our audience did enjoy it, but there were not as responsive as I would have liked...