Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birthday Costume Party Part 1

It's been while since we had a really big blog post with lots of pictures... today, I am going to fix that problem!
Here's why...
We went to a Birthday Costume Party in honor of our dear friend Yvonne S.  We had tons of fun fellowshipping with everyone and took tons of pictures!  We are going to have to do two posts to fit everything in!  :)

Costumes galore!

Daddy and Mommy dressed up as Captain Caleb Holt and Katharine Holt from the movie "Fireproof"!

No, these three did not dress up as party favors, but they were just too cute to pass up a picture!

Jordan: Eric Liddel, me: Mrs. Harriet Oleson, Eden: Buttercup, Shiloh: Mrs. Anna Jackson.

In our "true" characters!  :)

The two Buttercups.
Imagine our surprise (or maybe it wasn't too surprising!) when we found that Elanee S. dressed up as Buttercup too!  Hmmm... :)


After guessing every one's costumes, we all split up into groups and played a game of Bible Charades.  As you can imagine, it was pretty funny to see someone dressed up in a totally different costume than what they should have been in!

Group 1 acts out the story of "The Rich Man and Lazarus".


Group 2 doing the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den.
(I had a bit of a problem getting my camera to work so by the time I took a picture, they were half done!)

Group 3 preparing their cast!

Me as King Ahasuerus with Haman (Jenna S.) as my right hand man.
"Bring in Vashit!!!"

Vashti (Shiloh) did not come so the order goes out that a new queen will be found!

And Jillian H. is chosen as Queen Esther!

Group 4 starts out with the prophets worshipping Baal!

Elijah (Jordan) shows them that "his God is God"!

Group 5 with Abraham and Isaac going up the mountain to sacrifice...


The Knight in Shinning Armor with the piƱata.

Enjoying the festivities!
Eden's expression is priceless!

Judah shows us how he can balance candy wrappers on his nose!  Quite the talent!

Havin' way too much fun with Katherine H.!

Happy Birthday Yvonne!

This was a blessed evening of fellowshipping with other like-minded families to celebrate Yvonne's Birthday!  You can't get much better than that!

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Savannah C. said...

Looks like a LOT of fun!!! Happy Birthday to Yvonne!! :)