Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birthday Costume Party Part 2

And here is the not forgotten Part 2!


Elanee S. made the entire dinner spread!  She did a fabulous job and every last bite was delicious!

The festivities were a delight!

The Fathers talking.

Spending time fellowshipping with these wonderful families was truly a blessing.

Judah and Benjamin started up a jousting match with Nick H. and Peter H. as their horses!

Who is that?
Actually it was a stroke of brilliance!  The H. family brought over life-sized Yvonne masks and we had so much fun dressing up as everyone's favorite character: Yvonne!

This is when The Knight in Shinning Amour meets a Scottish Runner!

Can you imagine how difficult it is to get 29 people to all look great, no less all smiling?!?!

Nevertheless, we did it!!!
"Thanks Evan!"

The lovely H. family.

And well... yes, every group had to take an Yvonne Face!

Our family...

Couldn't resist!!!
We thought the glasses looked so funny on Jordan's face... that is, if you can recognize him!  :)

The S. ladies and Mrs. P.

I love Jenna's hat in this picture!

All us girls simply had to show Yvonne that we were fans of her!

Jordan with his new "Courageous" t-shirt from Evan!

Austin's costume was quite a work of art!

And we are all lining up for???

...For a surprise birthday song that was a joke for Yvonne! 

It was a very special day spent with some very special people!

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Oh... and special thanks to Evan S. for all the pictures in this post!
(Now what was the bill for them this time???)

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