Sunday, December 23, 2012


Last year we all went bowling with the S. Family.  When we went again this December, we decided that this would officially be a tradition!

Not only did we bowl, but we also had dinner at a restaurant, dessert at our house, sight-sang all sorts of choral music and folk songs around the piano, discussed future plans, and watched Living Water's "Genius" (if you haven't seen it, change that and watch it!).

 Getting the teams set up.  
(And if we look like we are all excited about our names, that's because they weren't our names!)

 This little guy was a great bowler 
(you should have seen his "follow-through"!)  and super excited!

 Daddy helping the little kids.

 Eden didn't have much of a stance at all... just flinging the ball down that lane was enough!

 Jordan was outnumbered as the only left handed bowler!

I have no idea what we were laughing out!

Me.  I was delighted to make a total of five strikes!  (Much better than my one strike from last time!)

 Evan S. has style!

 Daddy getting ready to show us his technique.

 Waiting to bowl.

I think Yvonne S. was trying to impersonate an Austen character having a ball.
(Inside joke!)

 Shiloh and a very ecological ball (hence the "green" color).

This must be a special club meeting... ahem, ahem!

 Jordan and Evan S. really look like they got more than they bargained for when we did a boy-against-girls game...
Um... well, the picture is a bit deceiving.  We girls lost. 
 Mommy shows us how to bowl a spare.

 Daddy makes a good shot!

 Back at home, I found a way to improve my height.
(And that's not as easy as it looks!  If you don't believe me, you'll have to give it a try!) 

The Argyle Sweater Club.
(If you want to join this club, you gotta get one too!)
We were so blessed for this special day of fellowship.  We love you S, Family!  Oh, and next year... the girls are going to win!

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