Friday, March 22, 2013

The Oregon Symphony's Wiscarson Competition

A few weeks ago Jordan and I both participated in this competition.  Jordan as a competitor and me as his accompanist.
It was fun to work on Saint-Seans Piano Concerto No. 2 together and we had a wonderful time at the competition where Jordan, by God's grace, Won First Place! 

 It was a lovely day down at the University where the competition was held.

 We spent most of our time in the building to the left.

Jordan in the practice room.
I got a kick out of his head popping over the sign like that!


 I believe this was right at the beginning of the piece where I have a slight solo. ;)


 Outside the practice room.

 The Competitors line up (some were not able to stay for the awards ceremony).

 Jordan wins First Place!!!

 Jordan and I.

The people that put together this competition.

And for my reward, Jordan is going to take me out to see the Symphony (he got free tickets), so I'm sure you will be seeing pictures from that sometime!  

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Shelbi said...

Congratulations Jordan & Bethany! How exciting! : )

Amber said...

Congratulations both of you!! How fun!