Thursday, July 18, 2013

OCEANetwork 2013

Last month we enjoyed our state's annual homeschool conference, featuring Norm Wakefield as the keynote.  Not only were we blessed by all the encouraging talks, but we also had a wonderful time fellowshipping with lots of friends.

 I think the architecture of this conference center is amazing!

Our table.  
(Just as a hot tip: if you want to find healthy food, this is the place!)

Jordan talking with Matt and Micah C.

I got to try out a viola for the first time!  That was a dream come true.

Eden with Bethany C.

Shiloh, Eden, and I took the little ones to have a look at the science fair.  Lots of fun stuff to see there!

"Now put your finger right in there!"

Note-taking during the session.

Excellent session by Mr. Wakefield.

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