Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eden's Birthday...

...Is today!  We all can barely believe that she is such a big 14 year old!  
Um, that's not right.  Oh yes!  She's 15 today!  How could we forget?!  (Family joke.)

I found some old pictures that made me smile.  Eden is such a blessing to our family and I wanted to take a moment to do a blog post for her.
(Oh, and for the first time ever we will be showing never-before-released video footage of Eden in her younger years, so make sure you read the whole post!)

Happy Birthday, Bobcat!

No one is sure if this is posed or natural.  ;)  Perhaps she really, really wanted something...

Christmas decorating with Eden can be interesting, to say the least!

Exploring stadiums is a very fun adventure.

Aw!  This is a cute one.

And then there was the time we all dressed in disguises with coats, sunglasses, and hats!

But you can't beat this hat!  
This was Eden's first time tree swinging.

We can't forget the time we were studying Peru and Eden decided dressing up as a Boa 

Now what happened here?!

Eden is a big help in all our moviemaking endeavors.  Here she played the part of a business women.

Yes, Eden is under the tiger mask!

Alright, this is not a normal family activity...  however, it's an inside joke and pretty much every family member can show a good X in any doorframe.

Girl's Day Shopping Trip!

Eden's batch of little chicks.

And somehow she ended up as our lead singer!  Everyone is certain it's because she screamed so much as a baby.

And here's the special movie.  Oh, I should give a little history from what was going on here...  One afternoon, everyone was cleaning and going through stuff.  When Eden found a Romantic Tutu, she tried it on and somehow ended up locked out of the house (i f I remember correctly, it was planned so that she would be stuck outside!).  I had a camera and starting filming.  The dramatic princess calls (which were added by Your's Truly) really puts everything into perspective.  Shiloh was there and joined in.  We chased her off the deck and Eden ran in the house through the basement door... and that's where we were waiting outside the window!

Fun times!
And Eden did try to delete these videos shortly after this occurrence, but somehow we were able to save them!

Happy Birthday, Eden!  We love you!

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Brad said...

Happy Birthday Eden!

Hope you got our phone call yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Eden!
I <3 you!

Eden said...


Elanee Smythe said...

Happy happy Birthday Eden! Lots of love to you today and always:)

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Eden!! I hope you had wonderful birthday!

May the Lord continue to draw you closer to Him.


Amber said...

Happy birthday late! Hope you had a lovely day!