Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Buck!

We were finally able to find and then purchase a new stud!  Thankfully, we were able to find a great deal on this guy and brought him home yesterday.  He's not to keen on smiling for pictures and he doesn't really like people either (don't try turning your back on him), but we are Thankful that we have a buck now and hopefully we still have a bit time left in the breeding season to settle our goats.

In May we are hoping for some little mixed kids from our four Mini Nubians that are currently being bred (Mini Nubian/Nigerian Dwarf) and in June we will hopefully have some first generation Mini Nubian kids coming if all goes well!

Enjoy these buck pics, though somewhat blurry.  The buck is the one little guy with the enormous horns (we've had a buck with horns before, but not has huge as this guy!), Shofars anyone?? :)

Side view- took an incredible amount of coaxing through the window screen to get to him to walk out of the shed and then walk back...


Anonymous said...

From a fellow goat-er...Congrats on the new buck! He's cool:) What breed is he? Looks kinda like a Nigi? We have Boers, so I'm no good at dairy breeds!

Victoria B.

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hi Victoria,

Thanks! Yep, he's a Nigerian Dwarf. I've enjoyed seeing pictures of your goats on your family's blog! :)


Peaches & Cream Studio said...

"Shofars, anyone?"

Oh. Yes. *Totally* ;) That comment made my day!