Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 Winter (Sorta) Olympics

Since we have been snowed in over the weekend and missed the conference some of us were playing music at, we have been getting creative with all this snow play.  We took some fantastic and hilarious pictures that we will be sure to share with you all soon... but in the meantime, have a peek at our 2014 Winter (Sorta) Olympics with your host: Bethany!

And since we still have to be training for the 2016 Summer (Sorta) Olympics... 
Shiloh, Eden, and I take a Barefoot Snow Sprint!

Shiloh in the dark, Eden in red, and Me in the white.

Because of the snow, we had one power outage and are praying that that was the only one!  After today, temperatures should go up and life will go back to normal.  

And keep an eye out for those pictures--you won't want to miss them!

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Elanee said...

We all enjoyed the movies, and can't wait for the pictures. You all should've tried sledding with the surf board. I guess that shows that you're true Californians when you don't own a sled. Too bad we can't get ours to you. We have like 10, and we can't even use the, anywhere around here(: