Friday, February 14, 2014

Yes, it's Valentines Day once again!!

Hey, it's Valentines Day once again!!  We simply could not pass on our wonderful tradition!  Already one of Jordan's sisters reminded him two days before Valentines to be prepared with his cards...  back in 2009 we made him some instructions...  maybe someday they'll come in even more handy then making your sisters' cards. ;-)


2013: It's a tradition.  You've probably seen this post before, but alas!  We've got to keep this tradition going!  We, Jordan's dear sisters are once again posting these lovely directions for him as we prepare him for his future wife. ;-)


2009: What a blessing to have three sweet sisters to teach you how to make valentines. Here is the "Valentine Making Tutorial" that the girls made for Jordan since he would rather take care of chickens than make them valentines! Note that his Mother gets a lovely Valentine from him each and every year!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Click on the computer drawing to see the instructions up close!

Through the years:
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012 - we missed!  How did we do that?  Don't worry, we verbally reminded him! :D
  • 2013
  • 2014- you are currently reading this post!!


Kyle Bowes said...

Sisters are *so* helpful, aren't they, Jordan? What ever would we do without them?

Anonymous said...

Hey! What a great idea! And I see Kyle already saw this post, way to go Strang sisters!

Although Kyle has not yet written Valentine cards to his many sisters, he did give them all a hug this morning... which was very sweet. :) Now that he can read the how to make a Valentine card directions, we should be all set come next year!


The Bowes Family said...

Hmmm, what *is* my little wombmate talking about (maybe delusional?)! Hang in there, Jordan; April Fools is right around the corner (Payback!).