Friday, July 11, 2014

OCEANetwork 2014

We always enjoy attending homeschool conferences, but this one was particularly fun because we spent the majority of the time volunteering!  We were super busy the whole time but still were able to visit with friends and have a wonderful time.  

Heading down to the conference center in our stylish volunteer "badges"!

 Judah and Benjamin enjoying the science fair.

 The little kids by a blue cow

It's very unusual, but I ended up not taking any pictures!  Thankfully Evan S. got some really good ones to share (he always does!).

Having a wonderful time with such special friends! 

Confession Time: I actually didn't make it to a single session I was so busy! 

 Okay, so I had to fit some violin playing into the schedule.
Which is totally fine.  :)

Wait.  Are they really working or just having fun???

I had the awesome job of duplicating CDs.  We named each of our machines based off their personalities: Moody, Disobedient, Granny, Super-Charged, and Racer.  Super-Charged was our fastest machines, so I kinda stuck around him.  ;)

Jordan taking a bite out of it! 

I'm selling my car!

But if it won't sell...
I'll push it into the water!

Looks like someone is shopping for someone else!

At the close of the conference, we went out to dinner with a few families.

It was such a blessing visiting with the H., S., and S. families!

Smiles all around!

Lots of laughter!

And even some photobombing.  You have to do some photobombing.  :)

Sarah and Eden share a morsel.

It lasted long into the night and we closed the wonderful weekend with a group photobomb!

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