Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life Skills Class Part 2

Bethany: If you remember from last weeks Part 1 of the Life Skills Class, then you are ready for this weeks update!


Bethany: We first learned how to write in short-hand. After we learned a few letters we divided up into two teams and had a "short-hand racing game". This is a picture of (our team) Team 1.

Shiloh: Our team had most of the younger girls, but we ended up winning. :) Short-Hand is very interesting, but I must say that I LOVE beautiful penmanship!

Bethany: This is Team 2.

Shiloh: I was the team leader of Team #1 and Karina was the leader of Team #2.

Bethany: This is Beth teaching the class. You did such a good job Beth!

Bethany: Go Shiloh!

Shiloh: Well, I did get 400 points for the team. :)

Bethany: Me picking up my card.

Shiloh: Bethany did a "Challenge with another girl and she won! Good Job, Bethany!

Bethany: Here I am reading (shall I say trying to) my short-hand card!

Shiloh: Here is Videre reading her Short-Hand card to Beth.

Bethany: After the short-hand excitement we all learned how to embroider. The little girls are getting all set up here.

Shiloh: Here is Joy tracing her embroidery...

Bethany: Jordan was such a good brother to watch Judah for us! Thanks Jordan!

Shiloh: Ahh! Boy & Bu-bu! :)

Bethany: After everything else we did Jewish dancing with all the Mothers. It was so good.
Shiloh: We have always enjoyed participating in Messianic Jewish Dancing!

Bethany: Judah playing with Mr. Jed and his stuffed bear.

Bethany: Guess what!? I took this picture! It's a self-pic of (L to R) Joy, Eden, Sumi, and me.

Shiloh: Here is Sumi working on her embroidery!

Bethany: Hmmmm... who's this cute boy?!
Shiloh: Hey! That's my Boy! :)

Bethany: Yes, Jordan and I had to make it over to the cookie table! (By the way, these were Bethany-Approved-Shiloh-Strang-Macaroon-Cookies! The cookies were delicious Shiloh!)
Shiloh: Yes, and they were Wheat Free!!!

Bethany: This is Mrs. Ko & I.

Shiloh: Here is a picture of Beth that one of my siblings took...

Bethany: After we finished everything we played a game of "Knot" (or as I recently was told "Doctor, Doctor").

Bethany: This is just before we left. L to R Beth, Bethany, and Shiloh.

Shiloh: In ending we had a very enjoyable time & now here are some movies for your enjoyment!

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