Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're Kidding! No Kidding? No-KIDDING!!!

Last week, our doe Fiddle gave birth to two baby does! Hurray! It was a great birth and like last year... we missed it...! Oh well! At least we were there for the rest of the excitement! Enjoy these pictures!


Everything is a blur of color as we rush pell-mell to take care of this and that! Shiloh is extremely intense!

Shiloh relaxes as she takes a break and languishes by Fiddle! (As Shiloh says: "Have you ever laid on the ground of a barn floor?")

Cleaning up a bit after the birth.

Here is an "outside" view to the "inside" going-ons!

And there they are! Two cute little baby girls! Rachel and Hadassah!

Judah and the goats.

Awwww! Aren't they just ADORABLE!?

And Eden is already playing with them...! Me... well... work, work, work!

Judah loves them!

Here is the Mama! (I think she's thinking: "Whew! What a workout!")

She's a little on the hungry side! I guess giving birth is no easy task!

So there you have it! The entire goat birth (well, the majority being that we missed it!) in pictures and words!

We are all very thankful to God for blessing us with these wonderful goats! PTL!

"...The goats are the price of the field. And thou shalt have goats' milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens."

~Proverbs 27:26b-27

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The Goat herder (no, I'm not Lonely!) Bethany.


Aunt K. said...


Charae Spafford said...

What adorable little babies! That looks like so much fun, despite the work. :-) Our family just moved to some acreage and we are gradually acquiring a few farm animals. We have talked about someday getting some goats; it would be so nice to have fresh goat's milk. It just would also be quite a big time committment, though a rewarding one, I am sure. Congratulations on your new additions!

Shiloh said...

Bethany Dear~ of course you are not a lonely goat herder… Remember you have a partner in this goat business….Me!

I love you!

~Shiloh Ariel

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hello Charae,

Yes, it's very nice to have fresh goat milk and it doesn’t take that much time (about 15 min. for one goat).

Thank you for following our blog! We enjoyed looking at your family's blog last night. You've all been to so many places which we've been to.


Shiloh for the Whole Family

Bethany said...

Who let's out the buck? ME!!! Who waters the goats? ME!!! Who works with Allegro? ME!!! Who keeps you entertained by gibber-jabbering to you while you do your chores? ME!!!

JUST KIDDING! Of course you are a great help, Shiloh! (Truth be told, I'd lonely without you!)

Thanks for all the hard work!

I love you,


Bisceglia Family said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Those kids are so tiny and cute!


Bisceglia Family said...

I'm so sorry! I didn't see your second comment on our blog until I'd already left my brief one here. Yes, I did, in fact, enjoy my visit. :)

I liked the Bach Double, although it wasn't a favorite of mine. When I learned it I didn't have the chance to play it with anyone (my teacher not being able to play because of a shoulder problem). It wasn't until a while later that I played with the girls you saw in the post for fun! I enjoyed the pictures from your recital; I'm glad you got to perform it! And congratulations on learning the other movements!