Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bethany's 16th Birthday Party!

A few weeks ago we were invited to come to Bethany J. 16th BD party! We had a wonderful time! Enjoy these pictures!

What would a Birthday be without a big surprise?! Not only did we surprise Bethany by keeping a secret as to our attendance, but we also surprised her by taking her (and her cousin Annie's) picture when she opened the door!

A picture of Bethany. (Photo credits to Bethany!)
Getting set up.

Annie came up with an amazing idea! She brought card kits for everyone to make! They were very pretty.

Hard at work.

Eden and some of me.

Shiloh's done! Isn't it beautiful?

Bethany's uncle brought fun hats for us all to wear! (Click on the picture to get the full effect!) L-R Bethany: Shark, Eden: Fish, Shiloh: Chicken, Bethany: Crab, Annie: Sea Creature.

And from the side! A charming picture!

Bethany ready to blow out her candles.

After the smoke cleared...

After we ate, we all went and sang some hymns together.

Here's Bethany with her beautiful harp.

Shiloh playing violin.

Bethany and Bethany.

We gave Bethany a hat for her Birthday.

Happy Birthday Bethany!

For the more attentive reader... you may remember "The Two Bethany's" picture. Well, we just had to take an another! So here is: The Two Bethany's!

It was a day to remember! Here's all the girls. L-R Annie, Bethany, Shiloh, Bethany, and Eden.

Thank you Bethany, for inviting us! Happy Birthday!

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Shiloh said...

The chicken is my favorite! We need some of those hats here!