Sunday, April 24, 2011

Celebrating Passover

Our family tradition is to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover.  Although we just do a Seder dinner, we still enjoy the tradition and have learned a lot through it.
Since Resurrection Day is today, we did our Seder dinner last night.

Here are the pictures from the dinner!


The table set with the traditional foods.

Shiloh making... well, tasting the special chocolate pie she made!  :)

Elijah's place.
(Since we have nine at the table now, we couldn't possibly fit in another plate!)

The Seder Plate.

Benjamin, Havilah, and Judah all ready for the dinner--complete with some costumes!

All of us children around the table.

Since we were listening to Daddy lead the Seder, we didn't get any pictures of that.  However, when it was time to hunt for the Afikoman... the camera was ready!

Us older ones helped a younger one look... and I took pictures!
Eden helping Havilah.

Looking under the cushions...

Eden double checks!

Oh wait!  Some one's got it!!!

And it was...
Judah!  Yeah!  He's the WINNER!

Judah hands in the Afikoman and gets a prize of chocolate chips!

After the Passover dinner, we started singing one of our funny songs!  This time it was for Easter and we all lined up and danced while we sang it!  Just a typical thing for us!  :)

Getting everyone in line!
And off we go!

And there's Judah!  (He kind of got lost in the other picture!)

Yes, it was a delightful evening!

Happy Passover to you...
And Happy Resurrection Day!

Christ is risen indeed!!!

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