Monday, May 2, 2011

Life on the Farm

On the farm we often see life and death-- both are apart of farm life.  I personally enjoy life on the farm the best!  :)  Today, when I went to let out the goats to pasture I noticed that Windy went back into her stall....  so I kept checking her throughout the day.  After lunch she went into labor and gave me enough time to get the supplies all together, text message my siblings, and tell Mommy (who was taking a nap with the young children) that the goat was kidding.  The next thing we knew she kidded!  :)

Here is a picture of the very first moments after birth....  Oh, and please do ignore the mucus mess.  Windy did a great job of cleaning that up-- I'll save you from reading how and let your guess.  ;)  Think- animal.

Here's the little buckling guy stands up for a few moments.

This birth makes up the sixth goat birth on our farm and also the fourth birth I've missed--- oh well, I'll have to work on my timing next time around!  :)

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully I'll be able to upload some film later.  :)  By the way- we've been reading as a family in the book of 1 Samuel.... so it's only fitting that his name should be Samuel-- right!?

Oh- and if you know of anyone who is interested in buying a buck-- this little guy will be for sale as soon as he is weaned!

What a blessing it is so see the miracle of life right in our own backyard!

~Shiloh reporting for the Farm Girls :)


Miss Antoinette K. said...

Awww.... that is so exciting, and I am so glad you did not miss it! :)


Miss Antoinette

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree! Very exciting... What did Benjamin and Havilah think of Samuel? How long before a goat is weaned?

- Megan