Monday, August 15, 2011

The Confetti Bomb!

As some of you know, Shiloh just turned a whopping 20 years old!!!  We knew that an age like this needed a big surprise... so, Jordan, Eden, and I put together the perfect plan!

We decided that Shiloh would need to dress up as a princess with some funny "jewelry" we got at the store.  Next, when Daddy and Mommy took her out to eat, we would call the restaurant to tell them that someone very special would be coming to have dinner.  While they were away, we would decorate the house with... well, I'll let you see that  part for yourself!

Enjoy the pictures from the day!

Shiloh closes her eyes while Eden gets the surprise ready!

The Princess!  Oh wait.  She's not quite done yet....

And there's the finished product!

A favorite remark from Shiloh: "I'm keeping this wand.  It means I rule!"

Unfortunately, it wasn't all play for Her Majesty.... she did have to practice harp! :)

Daddy, Shiloh, and Mommy getting ready to head off to the restaurant!

While they were gone, us three got to work.

Eden and I put up a banner.

Then we covered up the door with wrapping paper!

"What?!  Are they here yet?"

Doing the finishing touches...

...And we're done!  We even put in a cellophane window!
(Click to enlarge)
Now, to see the out come of this contraption... you will have to scroll down to watch the video.

All the girls.

Shiloh with the cookies that they gave her at the restaurant.

Happy Birthday Shiloh!

And here is the Confetti Bomb!

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Shiloh said...

I look scary!

But I still do have that handy wand....

Cochran Family said...

How fun!!! Looks like you had a great day!!! :)

Brad said...

haha, you mean, Shiloh didn't where her princess outfit to the restaurant.

Shiloh said...

@Cochran Family- It was! Savannah~ I loved your message!!

@Brad- That's what my siblings wanted... but there was no way they were going to be able to get me to go anywhere like that.

Brad said...

haha, bummer...
hope you had fun though.

Bekah said...

Enjoyed seeing pictures! :D

The Royals said...

That was great!! Never heard of a confetti bomb or of taping a doorway shut...super fun!