Sunday, August 21, 2011

Havilah turns 5!!

Havilah in Ethiopia | 2010
Havilah in Ethiopia | 2010
Today, is the 5th birthday of a very special little girl whom the
 Lord brought into our family in early March 2011...

Daddy & Havilah in Ethiopia | December 2011

Havilah & her new baby doll safely Home! | March 2011

Benjamin, Havilah, & Judah | July 2011

Havilah & Shiloh at the Coast | July 2011
We were very blessed to welcome Havilah into our family~
as she became 4th Sister in our growing 'popluation of girls'. ;)

Girls have fun!
We love being sisters and are blessed to have each other!!
Eden, Havilah, Shiloh, & Bethany | June 2011

Havilah with brothers: Judah & Benjamin | August 2011

Havilah Tirfe | July 2011

Havilah on a 'water day' | August 2011

We praise the Lord for the additions
He has given to our family~

Living up to the meaning of her middle name (Tirfe), Havilah truly is our profit!!

Havilah has a sweet heart for Jesus.  In this coming year we pray that she will learn and grow closer to Him and seek to obey the Lord in all that she does!

Thank you, Jesus for Havilah Tirfe!!

Happy Birthday, Havilah!

Daddy ~ Mommy ~ Shiloh ~ Bethany ~ Jordan ~ Eden ~ Judah ~ Benjamin


DE DE said...

Happy BD Havilah!

Love you!

Green Gardening Girl said...

I know this is late... but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAVILAH!!!!! From the friends of your family who you have never met!

Brad said...

Blessings and happy birthday to you, Havilah.