Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Highland Games

Last month, our family attend the Scottish Highland Games!  Not only did we go as viewers, but Daddy, Jordan, and I went as competitors as well.  Jordan and Daddy ran the Kilted Mile (a mile long race that is run in a--you guessed it!  A kilt!) and I did the Scottish Fiddle Competition.

We so enjoyed the games!  Not only did we get to do and see some really fun things, but we also spent the day with two other families!

Enjoy the pictures!

The Games.
Our very early morning started off with a fiddle workshop I did and then the competition.
Getting into the mood of Scottish Fiddle!
After the competition I jammed with this boy.

When we were done with the fiddle, we raced off to see the kilted mile!
We got there just in the nick of time!

And they're off!
Jordan coming around the bend!  He held the lead for three laps!
And Daddy running down the Home Stretch.
Daddy and Jordan did a wonderful job in the race.
Daddy won 1st place in his category; Jordan came in a very close 4th place!
Scottish Camera wars at our base camp!
The cutest Scottish guy you'll ever meet!
Shiloh did an amazing job on Judah and Benjamin's kilts.  You can read about them HERE.
After the competitions, it was time to relax and go exploring.
Yvonne S. and I show off our sun glasses and authentic Scottish wear!
We found our Tartan!  We are from the Lindsay Clan.
If you know us, then you know that we love to dance! 
We could not resist the opportunity to try our feet at Scottish Country Dancing!
Although Irish Ceili Dancing is still our favorite, we had a lot of fun doing the Scottish Dancing!
Jordan danced in his kilt!  A very Scottish thing to do!  :)
We really enjoyed seeing the Pipe Bands perform.  Bagpipes are amazing instruments!

Sitting on the grass ready to watch the...

 ...Caber toss!  This was by far the craziest thing we have ever seen!
 At the end of the games, we saw the Mass Pipe Bands play "Amazing Grace".  It was very moving.
 Before we left, we did a "mini mile" race with our friends!
Jordan, Evan S. me, Yvonne S. Eden, Joy D. Elanne S. Sumi D. and Shiloh all running down the track!!!
Whew!  Recovering from the race!
Although no one really knows who won that, we still had fun!
All the Lassies.
All the Laddies.

"Alba Gu Bra!!!"
Meaning: Scotland Forever!

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Yvonne said...

We sure had a ton of fun with you all that day! Thank you for inviting us.

The Smythes

Bekah said...

Enjoyed all the photos! :D