Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fellowshipping With Friends...

...In honor of Jordan's 16th Birthday!
We had an amazing time celebrating it by spending time with some wonderful friends!  The very gracious C. family had us over with three other families.  They had all the great activities including Capture The Flag, Zip Lining, Tree Swinging, worship, and Catch-Phrase!  We took a lot of pictures..........
So enjoy!
Preparing for an excellent Bible study that Mr. C. put together.
Can you tell that the guys are ready for Capture the Flag?!
It was nice catching up with the friends that we haven't seen for a while.
The Dads deep in conversation.
Ben and Judah up in the playhouse!

Jordan and Evan getting ready to Tree Swing!

Let me tell you, this was definitely a highlight!  Even though it was difficult at first, we all got the hang of it and were Tree Swinging like pros before we knew it!  And... it was well worth the big bruises!  :)
The zip line was a blast!  Can you see Mikell D. and I hovering over earth?

Eden ready to go... and Maddie D. having second thoughts....

Daddy and I tried it out together:
Get ready...

Get set...
We went so fast that time!
Havilah gave it a try too.
Yvonne S. and Shiloh showed us a thing or two about fashionable zip lining... :)

Off they go!

Back in the house we settled down for a very special time of spontaneous music and hymns.
Jordan entertaining his friends!  :)

I asked Shiloh and Elanne S. to entertain us with this "duet"!

Daddy and the little guys enjoying themselves!

Noah C. on the guitar.
The two harpists (now doing a different duet!).

And now I come to the most depressing part...
...The time to say goodbye!

Last minute conversation that sometimes end up being longer than that!
We had a wonderful time and we are very thankful to the C. family for their hospitality!
"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"
~Psalm 133:1

Special Thanks to Evan S. for some of the pictures!  :)
Elanee S. and I took a wild ride down the zip line with our cameras... thankfully we mad it back with them still in one piece!  :)

Here is the video:

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