Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Visit With Royalty...

...Or the Royal Family!  :)

Remember our first Timberdoodle movie?  Two years ago when the Royal Family first watched it, they always wanted to somehow meet up with our family.  Shortly after, they got in contact with our family and we have gotten to know them over email.  Well, in August, they ended up at Ebenezer Forest Farm!  They even got to spend the night with us!  We all had a wonderful time getting to know each other and fellowshipping with their family.  Next time they just have to stay longer... :) 

Enjoy these pictures we took!

The little children playing... the more the merrier!

The weather was so nice and we enjoyed spending the majority of the time outside.

We played outside until it was dark and then went inside to...
...Dance!  Hardly anyone can leave our house without forced (well maybe that's a little harsh!) to do at least a few jigs!

Kathlyn, Edwin, and Alida did a great job during the dances!

The guys part. 
(This is a very important part and the girls are expected to clap!)

Laurissa and Eden getting ready for breakfast.

Daddy made a very special breakfast!  It was so delicious!

Judah and Laurissa waiting patiently for their food.

Love the sunglasses!  Too cute!  :)

Kathlyn and I.

Thomas and Winston enjoying the meal.

And now is the sad part... our dear friends actually had to leave us!

Having last minute conversations that last about an hour!

Right before hitting the road, both our families serenaded each other.

Group shot!

"Thank you, Royal Family, for the wonderful time of fellowship!  Come visit us again!  (Soon!)" 

Isn't it amazing how God can bring families together from across the United States!?

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Kathlyn said...

Now you need to come visit US!! Otherwise it will probably be awhile! I enjoyed the visit a lot! Thanks for having us! maybe I should stop abusing the exclamation point... :)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Well... do you have a place to dance?! ;)
It sure was fun!