Friday, September 16, 2011

Judah's 5th Birthday!

It's true.  The cute-pie actually turned 5 years old today!  What a blessing Judah has been to our family!  What in the world would we do without him?!

We love him so much!

Judah at birth.

Awww!  Can't get much cuter than that!!!

Well... maybe you can!

Judah loves music!

Hey!  There's three Judah's! 

The "Threesome".

Evan is one of Judah's best friends!

The family would not be complete without Judah!

Go Judah!  
He practiced running for...

...The Highland games!

Cooling off in the Summer.

God has truly blessed our family by adding every child in his perfect time!

"Happy Birthday Judah!!!  We love you!"

And a special video in honor of Judah's Birthday!
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Shiloh said...

Happy Birthday, Judah~
I Love You!
~Shiloh :)

Brad said...

Happy birthday, buddy.