Tuesday, April 10, 2012

California Trip Part3: Grandma's House

And here we are for Part 3 out of 4!

This was a very exciting visit at Grandma's house!  We so enjoyed getting to see the rest of our cousins (all of them!) and that made for laughter, dancing, music, fun, and late nights!  We had such a wonderful time together and really miss everyone.

On the drive over, Shiloh and Eden show off their reading material!

In an instant, all the instruments were out and everyone was going all out!

Judah and John on the mandolin.

Actually, it was me who was really excited to play the mandolin!  I loved it!

We sang and played some hymns, jammed together, and even recorded some tracks!

Playing what we now call "John's Jam".

Eden with her dream: the cello!  I think she looks great with it!  It sounded really good as the bass line while everyone was singing.

Jordan plays a guitar.

Us and the whole P. gang!

And the dancing begins!!!

Everyone was having so much fun together!

Ceili Swing!

Hope and Shiloh made some brownies that we all enjoyed after the delightful dinner.

Playing "Catch-Phrase".

This game is too funny!

Jordan thinks he's got it!

Mark and Hope.

Shiloh and Hopie.

Grace and I (she got taller than me a long time ago...).

Everyone was so excited at the arrival of Uncle Rob (the favorite uncle!).

...And we made him dance with us!

Daddy joined in on this dance too, which was very fun.

Smiles from everyone.

It was a wonderful time that we all have sweet memories from!

"We love you guys!"

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Ahh....great memories! :)