Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jordan's Titanic Concert

Sunday, April 15th 2012 marked the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.  On this very special day, Jordan performed a concert in honor of the story of the Titanic.  This story is a story of bravery, nobility, and courage.  It is a story where men gave their lives for the noble call of "Women and Children First!"  It is a story where women kissed their husbands goodbye for the very last time as they took their seat in the Lifeboat with their children huddle at their sides, knowing that they would never see their husbands again.  But it is also a story of mockery as we see the Titanic proclaimed that "even God can not sink this ship".  But it did sink and behind it all was the hand of God.  One hundred years ago, that story left a mark upon history.

After reading "The Titanic", we had been studding a lot about the ship and then Jordan decided that a concert in memory of it would be the perfect thing.  It was a joint effort as our family picked characters from the Titanic and dressed up as them.  We all learned so much!  We also put together a special personal reception for our friends who participated by dressing up as living history.

I hope you enjoy these pictures from our evening.  It was a wonderful event that was truly blessed by God.

 We took two cars to the concert so we could have some of us come back to the house early for the reception.  Here group two rushes after group one!

 Mommy as Mrs. Elinor Widiner (who loved pearls!) enjoys the modern conveniences of an iPhone!

We set up our CD table and Eden took up residence behind it.

 The church fills up!

Our family took up a few rows with the S. family.
  Me enjoying the gorgeous church.

 Pastor John was so nice and it was very fun working with him!

 Yvonne showing off her parasol!

 The guests arrive... and they are in costume!!!

Everyone asked Noah C. where he got his neat costume.  Apparently it was at the Goodwill!

 I think Jordan was suppose to be warming up, but it looks like he was goofing around with our photographer Evan S. instead!

 Jordan did such a wonderful job during his performance!

Jordan gave a very moving sermon on John Harper.  He echoed his call as he asked his audience "Are you saved?"

 Jordan played two of the songs that were played when the Titanic sunk.  "Nearer My God to Thee" and "Autumn".

Jordan also told the story of the Titanic.  It was very moving.

Can't get any cuter than these little guys!

 After the concert, Pastor John put everyone in line for a group picture of the ones in costume.  Although I don't have his pictures yet, these are a nice sneak peek!

 I think everyone looks authentic!

 Pastor John had us all make an expression like the ship was about to sink.  Everyone's expressions are so good!

Shiloh looking lovely as Mrs. Charlotte Annie Collyer.

 Me and my handsome brother!
I dressed up as Marjorie Newell and Jordan was himself at the concert and then Mr. Theodore Ronald Brailey later.  Jordan's character was the Titanic's pianist and my character was a violinist who became one of the founding members of the New Jersey Symphony.  After seeing that she loved music and played violin, I just knew that she was right for me!

 The cute little ones enjoying each others company.

 And us older ones enjoyed spending time with each other as well!
When everyone got to our house, we passed out little cards (that were suppose to be boarding passes) with names of people from the Titanic on them.

 Shiloh and Yvonne.
(They look like they are up to something... hmmm!)
Mr. and Mrs. D talking in the kitchen.

 Mikell D. (who wore her pajamas!), me, and Noah C. sitting on the benches...

 ...That looked like they might have come off the Titanic!  Daddy came up with that idea!

 "All hands on deck!"

 Eden as Countess Lucy Roth and her friend Mahala C.

 Mr. and Mrs. C.

 I was delighted to find my "sister" Madelene Newell!

 Fellowshipping with the lovely laddies.

 Mrs. and Mr. S.
Mr. S. dressed up as a chef from the Titanic.  Look at what his hat said:

 Very creative!

 Judah who has the nickname of "Cute Boy".  (I know, big surprise!)

Sporting my new look!
Yes, it was 15 minutes to midnight... so were were getting a little crazy!

We were delighted when the S. family stayed with us and watched "Tintin"!  We had a wonderful day and went to bed at 4:00 am!

This whole day was so lovely and we are so thankful for God blessing the entire event, Jordan doing such a great job, and the support of all our dear friends.

This was truly "A night to remember"!

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Special thanks to Evan Smythe and Mr. Cerda for taking some of the more "professional looking" pictures!

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