Saturday, April 14, 2012

California Trip Part4: The Wedding

Welcome to the fourth and final post of our trip to California!  It was quite a whirlwind of activities, but we loved ever minute of it!

The wedding of our Auntie Kaggy and Uncle Ted was the real reason for the whole trek.  We were very blessed to be apart of the wedding with Mommy lighting the candles, Jordan playing the piano, Judah as the ring-bearer, and all four of us older ones serving food.

The day before the wedding started off with a visit to our old house!

On the way... driving past the "famous" TBN.

There it is!  Our old house!

Although things have changed quite a bit, this was the front yard where we used to play.  (Those shrines were not there when we lived there!)  There was a nice big swing in that tree that we spent hours on... oh, the memories!

Hey!  There is my bedroom window!

Here we were are in front of that gate that used to be so tall!  (Things have changed obviously!)

It was such a special treat to meet up with our dear next-door neighbor Mrs. C.  We missed seeing the whole family as they were at work and school  We spent so many fun times with their family... we were so glad to meet up with her!

After visiting, we rushed off the wedding rehearsal!

Mommy and a friend light the candles.

Even though I wasn't in the wedding party, I got to rehears as the "Matron of Honor" because she couldn't make it!  It was a lot of fun... and kind of funny too!

And then... the next day, the wedding!

The cutest ring-bearer ever!  

It was a beautiful sunny day!  Just perfect!

Practice makes perfect!

It was very hard to get a picture of Jordan... this was the best I could do!

Judah did a great job.  He was so adorable.

The men.

Here comes the bride!

The kiss.

It was such a beautiful wedding!

Mr. and Mrs. Ted H.

The gorgeous wedding cake.

Judah and Uncle Ted.

Our family with the newlyweds.

Cutting the cake.
 We were so busy serving food... it was delicious and everyone was hungry... but when it was time to serve the cake, we were running!!!  I have never seen cake go so fast!  We were dishing up plates, rushing out, and coming back in seconds to repeat!

The beautiful couple.
The Hawaiian themed "Just Married" sign.

The close of a lovely and wonderful day! 

Sad goodbyes... we really missed everyone!

"Let's get this party started!  Let's get this party started!"

We hit the road right after we changed our clothes.  It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful trip overflowing with God's blessing, sweet times, and good memories.

"We love you Uncle Ted and Auntie Kaggy!!!"

Here is a movie of Judah doing his job.  He took it very seriously!

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