Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 Christian Heritage Conference Part 1

We just got back from a wonderful weekend of encouragement, inspiration, and fellowship with Godly families at the 2012 Christian Heritage Conference.  It was a memorable time that we will always cherish!  This conference was packed with lots of unique things that we got to be a part of in various ways... God truly blessed this event!

To top it off, we traveled with the S. family and met the P. family at the hotel where we all stayed.  That meant lots of talking, laughter, and good times!

 Cute Boy hits the road with his lamb!

 We had so much fun while driving on the road together.  Whenever someone would pass, the windows would rolls down and hands would wave at the passing car!

 We made a quick stop at Cabela's...
No, that is not a shotgun I have.  It is a violin!
Right when we came in the store, the lady asked me, "Is this a return?"  I assured her that it was not!

 The Bobcat of all bobcats poses with one of her friends!

 Shiloh enjoyed seeing this turkey... she wants to raise some again.

 We had fun swimming--well, not exactly!--in the fish tank.

 Havilah and long fish.

 The older ones and Mr. S. did some target practice at the shooting range.

It was very neat set-up.

 Yvonne shows us how to get a bull's eye!

 Jordan takes careful aim; Shiloh thinks it's fun and games!

  I found out that in order to make some hits, I needed to have my glasses-wearing "twin" sister come out!

After our adventures at Cabela's, we headed off to the hotel and met up with the P. family.

 Abby is adorable!

 Of course we played our favorite game "Catch-phrase"!  With so many people, it was hilarious!

 Daddy didn't have enough room, so he played from the staircase!

 Me, Grace, and Elanee.

 Eden took this picture that was kind of funny because everyone was doing something different!

 Yes, Yvonne and I were up to something!

Oh yes!  What would the day be like without late night humor?!
Ahhh!  Memories!

We looked forward to this every evening and morning!  That is what comes from strategic hotel placement!

Stayed tuned for the update that will actually be on the conference!

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Anonymous said...

This was so fun! We have to do it again very soon! ;)

The Smythes

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Smythe Family,
We'd love to do it again with you all!