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2012 Christian Heritage Conference Part 2

Here is the (very late) Part 2 to our wonderful weekend at the 2012 Christian Heritage Conference!

 The Keynote was Dr. Voddie Bachum.  He was (as always) excellent!
I was very excited because I got to meet him!  

 Listening intently to the opening session.

 My wonderful parents.

 Like last year, us siblings sang in the Choral.  It is such a great experience to work together with other young people, under the direction of Mr. Craig.  He is a wonderful director and every year he pulls it all together in only four one hour rehearsals!  This year was too much fun as there ended up being tons of humor and even a few practical jokes!
This year, Eden also joined us with her high Soprano voice.

 There was about 230 singers in all!  The largest group yet!!!

The Alto section... 
(That's where I always am!)

 The Choral deserted Elanee!
Well, not really... :)

After every session there was time to fellowship with the other young people.  We had so many wonderful conversations.

 Jordan and I auditioned for the Music Night and by God's grace, we were selected to perform!  We were so excited to be a part of it!!!
Tuning up.

 It was sooo good to slip in a few moments of practice during the day.

After our rehearsal, Jordan and I rushed off to a mic check.  In the meantime, here is what the little ones were up to:

Havilah and her missing two front teeth!


Brad P. gave them a quick lesson in photography...
 This is the result:

 A budding young photographer!

 Adorable brothers.

 Some of the instruments backstage.

 Jordan opened the program with his rousing "Stars and Stripes Forever" arranged by Vladimir Horowitz.
We played for over 3,000 people!!!!!!!!  
It was so neat to be backstage with the other performers.  We were all praying for each other and encouraging each other as we sought to bless others and do our best for the glory of God.

 Jordan bows.

There are his hands on the big screen... booming away!

I played right after Jordan.  It's always great to have him as my accompanist! 
 Listening to the hauntingly beautiful intro of "Schindler's List".

 Putting everything I had into my performance.

 I love this angle!

There we are right after our performance!  To God be the glory!

The next evening we all performed with the choral.
 There is Mr. Craig as our director and Cris Rodgers as our accompanist.  They both did an excellent job!

 Yvonne S. and I are right in the middle.  It was so tight that I had about three girls reading off my music!

 Shiloh and Elanee S. in the middle there with Eden, Kathrina B. and Hannah H. on both side of her in the upper LH corner.

 Evan S. and Jordan with the basses.

 That night we had a big get-together at our hotel lobby with the P. S. and H. families.

The big girls!
Unfortunately, I never got to meet the whole H. family because I was so exhausted from the two days that I totally crashed and didn't feel too good.  My dad took me back to the hotel room and I almost slept for 11 hours!

Faith H.

Eden with her two friends... Grace P. on the far left and Hannah H. in the middle.

It was such a glorious two days and we were so thankful for the wonderful time spent and all the good memories that we made!
Praise the Lord!

Special thanks to Evan S. for all the Professional looking shots!

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