Sunday, May 8, 2011

2011 Christian Heritage Conference!

What a wonderful way to finish the up the month of April!
For the second time, our family was able to attend the 2011 Christian Heritage Conference!
With dynamic speakers such as Kevin Swanson and the Botkin Family, socializing galore, and a chorale performance, we were in "Homeschooler's Heaven!"  :)
But there was one problem... the weekend went by way too fast!  Oh well... that just means we are already looking forward to next year!  :)

Enjoy the pictures from our trip:


All nine of us ready to go!

Shiloh with the iPod and Jordan with the MP3 player really made me feel like my technology could have an upgrade!  :

We drove up with our friends, the D. family...
And after getting checked into the hotel, we all played a lively game of soccer!

Shiloh with the very cute, Christiana.

That night, while the men played a game of basketball...

...Us girls got the little ones ready for bed.  When they were asleep...

...The "older ones" and Daddy took a quick dip in the Jacuzzi!
It was late at night and cold, so that's why everything is so steamy!  :)

Ahhh!  Asleep after a very exciting day!

Actually, the excitement had just started... and we were up early the next morning for the first session!
That night, we enjoyed seeing the Steege Family who made the film "The Runner From Ravenshead", one of our favorite films!

The next day, Eden was kind to watch the little ones while Jordan, Shiloh, and I prepared for the chorale performance!

Jordan enters Stage Right!
For the first time in his life, Jordan sang tenor!

Shiloh singing soprano with Kathrina Bisceglia.

Me with all my alto friends!

The Chorale in it's entirety.

Jordan right in the middle.

The sopranos.

Singing away...

After the performance we rushed back to catch the Botkin girls...

The three sessions that they did were incredible!

We closed the conference with the D. family coming over to our hotel room for dinner!

Sunday morning, we visited a church with the Bisceglia family and D. family.
Here is Havilah with her new friend, Sarah!

Us with our dear friends...!
We really enjoyed our time with them!

Right before packing up to head back home, I found this little guy up in the tree!
I just had to snap a picture of Benjamin!

Some of the D. children.

And yes, that's me... trying to catch a wink of sleep, despite the close quarters! :) 
After three days of late nights and early morning... we headed home... and fell asleep... after a great weekend!

If you were at the conference, please comment and let us know!
We'd love to hear from you!

Here is us singing "Peter Go Ring Them Bells!":

Stay tuned for Shiloh's Part 2!

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Bisceglia Family said...

It was a lovely weekend indeed!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Yes, indeed, Kathrina! It was just too short! :) ~Shiloh

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

We enjoyed seeing you all, Kathrina!


Mikaela said...

It's great to see the conference from your perspective!

Lucia Marie said...

It was very fun, indeed! Loved the post and pictures! :)