Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bible Bee 2012

Together our family is participating in the 2012 National Bible Bee!  It has been a wonderful experience and we have memorized lots of Bible verses as well as spending lots of precious time in God's Word.

This week, our "Hive" had a special dress-up day.  Yes, that's right up our alley!

Here is our costumes!
Florence Liddell (Eden), Voddie Baucham (Benjamin), the Bible (Me), John Calvin (Judah), Kathrine von Bora (Shiloh), Candice Queen of the Ethiopians (Havilah), and Eric Liddell (Jordan).

We had so much fun!

 Evan S, Yvonne S, and I were all "Cardboard People!"  It was hilarious!

 Standing alone on the Word of God!

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