Monday, July 9, 2012

Descriptive Essay Assingment

I just wrote a Descriptive Essay for an English Composition assignment.  The assignment was to write at least on paragraph or 10 sentences off a picture.  Below is the Descriptive Essay!  Let me know what you think!

Memorial Day: Remembering America’s Veterans

A young member of the Firebirds Young Marines, Private First Class Kevynn Brand solemnly salutes on Memorial Day after putting a colorful American flag on a fallen soldier’s grave in the plains of Phoenix, Arizona.

On Memorial Day we remember the veterans who gave their lives for our freedom. 

Originally known as Decoration Day during the Civil War, Memorial Day is now a Federal holiday which lands on the last Monday in May.  Today, Americans all over the world remember our fallen heroes by getting together for BBQs, visiting veterans’ cemeteries, and spending time with family and relatives.  Most importantly stories are passed down each Memorial Day from generation to generation so that we might all remember America’s Veterans!

Photography Author: Jack Kurtz/ Zuma Press

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