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Class of 2012

At the 2012 OCEANetwork Conference, I graduated in the Class of 2012!!!  It was a very exciting day for me being that this is a milestone in my life.  I liked how Mr. Bill Jack (who gave the address) put graduating as, "Finishing a chapter in your life and starting a new one up."  It made it extra fun to have my special friend Kathrina B. graduate with me!  (We had decided to do it together in October!)
I am so grateful for my parents that have educated me not only in academics, but also in Spiritual things... and those are the most important things!

This will be a rather long post, but the memories are too good to pass up!

 Eden and Gracie at the end of the first day... 

 It sounds kind of funny, but we practiced everything we had to do for the ceremony.  Practice makes perfect, you know!

 As you can probably tell, I'm pretty excited!

 While Eden and Jordan were waiting, they decided to do something interesting!
My mother who gave me the wonderful education that I have.

Class of 2012

My father who is the strong leader in my family.

 Tying to look very official!

 Bill Jack gave an excellent address to us!

Kathrina has her special moment with her parents. 
Congratulations Kathrina!

Then came my turn!
 One very precious moment.

 Another sweet moment.

With my two wonderful parents.  I am so blessed to have them!

Class of 2012

 After moving the tassel... I am officially graduated!

 We did it!!!!!!!!!!!

 Our family.

 This picture was Daddy's idea!

 Shiloh graduated in 2010...

A picture with Ben and Havilah.

Cute boy!!!

My two younger siblings (in case you wouldn't have guessed!)

 Kathrina and I as two Homeschool Highschool Graduates!

Mr. Bill Jack and I.

I'm a super Grad!

This was hilarious... both Eden and Kathrina picked out the same dress from the same company without even knowing!  In fact, they didn't find out until the day before!  Let me tell you, it was difficult to know who was who, especially from far away!

Eden and Jordan found that at the top of the conference center, there was a gorgeous view of the city!

 Kathrina, Eden, and I decided to go exploring and take a look for ourselves...  The view was a real treat!

The little man on the man's tie.

See the bridge in the back there?

We didn't know that Evan S. got this picture of us all looking over!

Took a few more pictures...

Yes, we were posing!

Krista B. joined us later.  This is the best I could do for a picture in the reflection on the elevator!

 We brought Daddy up with us to see the view.

My father.

Oh dear!  What will they think of next?!

We went out to dinner with the two S. families which meant in all the was three S Families!

 The Girl's Table... Truly a delight to fellowship with other Godly young ladies!

 Here is what you get when you combine creative people with lots of cameras!

Heather S.

 I love the multitasking in this picture that Amber S. brings out!

Nothin' better than an iPhone!

The cuties!

Sisters in Christ.

This day was a blessing and something I will remember my entire life!  Thank you to my parents for their support and Godly teaching, my siblings for being there for me, and my friends who are all so special!
Praise the Lord!

(And a big "Thank You" to Amber S. and Evan S. for graciously allowing me to use some of their pictures.  The memories that were captured are priceless!)

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Toria said...

Congrats, fellow 2012 grad! :)I loved seeing all your photos...

By the way, WHERE did Eden get that dress?!! I've been looking for one EXACTLY like it for my grad party next month!! It's beautiful!!

{Hugs} and love!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Thank you, Toria! Congratulations to you too! :D Class of 2012 was the best... ;)

Eden got that dress from a company called Shabby Apple... She really likes it... hmmm, it must be a popular dress for events that have to do with graduation! :D

Thanks again!

Shelbi said...

Congratulations Bethany! I loved seeing all the pictures!