Friday, October 5, 2012

Random Pictures

Incredibly random, but fun pictures. :)

With the Dickson ladies~ Bethany, Corine, Sophia, Eden, Havilah, and I (Shiloh).
 At a play-set...
With the H. Family:
Elanee, Yvonne, and Shiloh after a concert...

Giggling in Paradise~ watch out, not as innocent as they seem. =)  Eden and Mahala!!

Boys in the Hay a.k.a. Farm Boys!!
Watching my wonderful harp teacher and her sister play a concert...

And the cutest guy ever!
I figured out how to transfer pictures from my G+ prolife over to here.  So, since that is waaaaaay easier!  I might start doing that for future posts. :)

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