Thursday, October 4, 2012

Texas Trip 2

Here we are for Part 2 of our trip to Texas!
(If you want to revisit Part 1, click here.)

As I mentioned before, we were there for the Vision Forum Food Conference.  We enjoyed traveling with the S. family (traveling with another family is the way to go!), hearing the wonderful speakers, meeting up with old friends, meeting new friends, and overall... being blessed with such special memories!

Thanks to Evan, Yvonne, and Elanee S. for some of the pictures.

 Youngsters on the streets of San Antonio.

 This was right before we marched down the street singing "Scotland the Brave" because we saw a man playing the bagpipes and we thought he might play that song for us... unfortunately, he had ear plugs in and his pipes were just too loud for our voices!

 A panorama of the conference.

 Elanee S. lets us all know the latest update...
 Evan S. looking for his house on the map!

 Me up in the balcony.  This conference center is quite a place!

 Meeting Colin Gunn was a special treat!  Unfortunately, not all of "The One Big Happy Family" got to get a picture with him, but we all got to meet him.  He is quite a character!

 Lunch break! 
 Yvonne S. sporting a new look!  

 While heading back to the hotel room, the little guys got a lift!

 We made a quick stop at the historic Menger hotel to take a peek around.

Evan with Judah and Benjamin.

Here comes the troops!

 Back at the hotel room... we had about eight other families join us in the S's room for a sweet time of fellowship, prayer, singing, food, and fun.
 It was so packed that I was sure that someone would tell us that we were being too loud... but no one came and we had a delightful time!

 Some of the P. family and a friend having a good conversation.

 Judah with Brad P. trying to be look-a-likes!

 Shiloh with the adorable W. baby!

 This picture makes me smile!  It is a great angle.

 The Catch-Phrase (our favorite game!) games were so much fun!

The lovely P. family... For some reason, Megan didn't make it into this picture.

 I promise I learned a lot at the Food Conference... I really did!
Really though, to protect my innocence, there was just a tiny bit of chocolate milk left and everyone told me "not to dirty up another cup, so just drink it from the container."  I did... and they took a picture.

The Infamous "Prank Grass".  Believe me, this has only just started growing!

 The last day of our trip, we visited the Alamo.

 Walking the grounds.

 Shocked faces at the Alamo!!!


 What a great way to end a great trip!

 A very happy bunch.

 Aw!  You can't get much cuter than this guy!

Dying to go into the Alamo!
We were not able to take a tour of the indoors due to lack of time.  I guess that just means we have to come back some day!

 We were put in jail!

...But glad to be kept company!

After that, we picked up our luggage at the hotel and wished each other a very sad goodbye.  It was such a special time that we were able to spend together!

Going home sweet home.

This was a blessed week that we were so thankful to be a part of. 
"Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name."
~Psalm 103:1

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Brad said...

Hey is it just me, or does Judah just look really cool in the 16th picture?... haha

The Whites said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet photos especially the one with Daniel! We enjoyed meeting you all very much! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality! Your gathering was a sweet way to end the conference. :-)

We continue to pray for you all,
The Whites