Friday, October 12, 2012

The Beaver Dam

We went down to the creek the other day to check out the logging and see the creek again with the littler ones... when we finally made our way down the hill and crawled (I'm serious) through an animal's tunnel (the grass and weeds have grown so tall!) we made it to a Beaver's Dam in our creek!

It is absolutely amazing to see all the sticks, mud, and leaves piled up to keep the water in a pond of sorts.
I was greatly surprised to be able to capture a photo of two of the beavers!!  Busy as beavers, these two fellows enjoyed throwing rocks into the creek and then coming back home both for a band-aid or two because of blackberry scratches~ ouch!
Here's a better view of all the branches...
Of course, once we got back home we had to find out why beavers build dams, how many beavers live in a lodge, and what do beavers eat?  This movie was a great find for the homeschooling moment! :)

If the above does not work~ click the following link and scroll down for the movie:


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