Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bible Bee Nationals 2012

If you remember this post, then you might have been wondering how the National competition went.  Well, Jordan and Daddy just got back the other day after six days in Tennessee.  I'll just let Jordan tell you what he thought by using his post from his blog.  ;)

Hello Friends!

I'm sure you've noticed the extreme lack of posting on this site for the last two and a half months... Hey, I've got a good reason!  I was doing the National Bible Bee!!!

So I just arrived home last night from an amazing weekend at the Bible Bee.  Even though I did not place in the Semi-final or Final rounds, I was so blessed to be there, to receive such wonderful encouragement from several speakers, and meet lots of new friends!

Ammm... so I only have a few pictures at this point in time.  I didn't even bring a camera with me so these were all taken on my Dad's iPhone.  I do hope to get some more pictures soon though!!!


The only picture of prelims I currently have!  This was right before my oral round.

We really got a kick out of this place! 

And during competition downtime, it was great to go check out their stock!  This is me with a WWII Russian rifle!

Ray Comfort was such a blessing to hear and even funner to meet!

My Dad and I during the celebration banquet.

Hate to say it, but, "That's all folks!"...  For now!!!

Until next time when I have procured more pictures from the National Bible Bee...

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