Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ladies Tea

We were blessed to attend the 2012 Christian Heritage Ladies Tea last month.  Not only was a special thing to be able to do "Girl Time", but we also enjoyed the excellent sessions from Mrs. Stacy McDonald, the delicious food, seeing friends (and making new ones!), annnnd Eden, Shiloh, and I even made our dresses.

We had to get up bright and early for the long drive... but believe me, it is well worth it!

A very unsuccessful attempt of trying to get a good picture of us on the road together!

A gorgeous sunrise over Mt. Hood and the Columbia river.

Eden fixes her hair...

Hey!  It turned out really nice!

And our destination!
It was such a lovely, sunny day!

 Lookout... Ladies crossing.

 Inside the room.

They had a contest on handiwork, so I entered a walking stick I made and a Prolife picture I drew.

This picture is totally Yvonne S!

Hannah H. and Cassie Z. up in the balcony.

 We shared a table with the H. Ladies.  Despite the fancy dresses, the conversation was all about farm animals, de-worming goats, butchering chickens, and so forth.  I got a kick out of it!  I guess that's what happens when you get a bunch of farm girls together...

 Shiloh working on her knitting.

 Mommy taking notes on her iPhone.  That's the technological way to jot down all those gems!

For the second time--well, I guess it is officially a tradition now!--our table caught on fire from the candle!  Fortunately we were able to smell the smoke and put it out right away.

 Mrs. Stacy McDonald.

 "Food, glorious food!"

Oh, but we can't forget dessert!

Afterwards, we went around meeting with people and taking lots of pictures.
 Eden with Sarah H.

 I think Elanee's Canon looks a little more intimidating than...

...Eden's Fuji!

 Elizabeth, Jillian, Katherine, and Mrs. H.

Yvonne, Mrs. S, and Elanee.
 All the girls!

 Yvonne and I scheming up a big plan!

 It was very fun to be able to see the G. girls again!

There we are!


 I like the way Elanee's picture turned out.

 The view.

It was so bright, but we wanted to (try) to get the view in!

We hit the road again and made sure to stop for ice cream!

 When the camera takes the picture for you... I love that!

 It seems as if Eden has seen a little too much of "Emma".  Just sayin.  ;)

Thanks to Elanee S. for some of the pictures here!

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