Monday, January 28, 2013

Our "New" Van

After much prayer, searching, and thought, we finally bought a van!  God provided a 1998 Ford 15 passenger that only has 15K miles on it!  We took a day trip to upper Washington to buy it.  Alright, so the van has a history...  The van was used for transportation of prisoners and is outfitted with bars on the windows, metal dividers, and no handles on the inside!  Jordan is working on transforming it to a family van.  (Oh, and for a little hint... before we took all the bars off, we filmed a short movie.  Stayed tuned for that!)

 On the drive up, one rarely has a quiet moment!

There is our van!

 I can't tell... is that a prisoner or a brother?

 Prisoner-proof... child-proof.  How about that?!

 Okay, so if you need a snack, there is a little door to hand something back.  Other than that, you're on your own!

 On the way back, we made a quick stop at Cabela's to look around a bit.

 There are lots of neat animals to look at.

Judah and the moose.

 While Shiloh and Daddy went to look at something, the rest of us did some laser shooting.  That was fun!

 Judah is gonna hit that target!

 Jordan tried to pull the sword from the stone, but didn't have much success.
 Ben learning how to shoot!

This talking bear was hilarious!

Somehow we ended up taking a sleeping prisoner home with us...

 It was a long day and everyone was pretty tired when we got home.

 Cute Boy was the sleepiest.

We are very thankful for what the Lord blessed us with!

And remember... keep an eye on here for our movie!

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Shelbi said...

How neat! We just bought a used 15 passenger van as well-- my dad flew up to Ohio to get it. How funny about the bars on the windows...that is too cool : )