Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Goats!

I've been wanting to change over into the Nubian breed for awhile so for the past year I've been looking for a Nubian in milk.  Thankfully we were able to find a goat farm that was a bit of a drive away, but had lots of settled does and then a doe that had recently kidded and was in milk!  The lady also for a reduced price sold us an extra little kid since it's mother was not able to give it enough milk (it's one of triplets) with the hopes that the our mother doe would take adopt the baby~ in mean time she gave us a bottle and yes, I found myself with hungry bottle baby kid.  :)
Judah immediately fell in love the orphan!  Her name is Ruth and Judah calls her "Little Ruth".  She is our sweetest kid!  Of course that's only because of her bottle feeding!  So as annoying as it is to have to warm a bottle and feed a goat four times a day it does pay off!  Especially when it comes to catching the goat for it's shots and so on!

A little startled for their first day on a new farm~ Hannah and her baby Esther (don't you think that's a perfect name for a milk goat?  I don't know why, but I absolutely loved that name for our milk goat!  I've been saving it for our future Nubian milk doe and here she is!).
Yes, my new job.....But Thankfully Hannah adopted her!  And I retired. :)

Bethany and I with Judah's "Little Ruth".  Now that Ruth and Esther are here Judah said it was ok to sell "Shirah! Whew!  That stinker of a goat....  she's for sale!!  YES!!

Judah gets a turn.  Ah, he's a farmboy!

This is amazing people!  Look at Ben!  He's holding an animal!  Way to go little dude! :)

Yes, he loves her!!



Shelbi said...

Such cute pictures! We have two Nubian nanny goats in milk right now. They produce a TON of milk! We've been able to sell quite a bit of it.

Patrizia said...

Goats are so very precious :) oh, & fiesty! haha... Wonderful post :)

Rejoicing In Him, Patrizia