Saturday, August 10, 2013

Judah's One Year Heart Anniversary

Today is a remarkable day.  It is the one-year anniversary of the heart procedure that was done on Judah to patch up the three holes in his heart. 

I remember everything so well…  My parents and Judah left a day early to get settled in at the hotel.  We were to hold down the fort until their return, which would be two days later.  Judah was doing well and in high spirits as we each took a turn to spend some time with him.  I held him close as I prayed that God would protect him and put His hand of guidance over the doctors.  In fun I asked Judah if I could come along, to which he replied, “Mommy said ‘no’, but maybe you could fit in the big red suitcase!”  Judah is the sweetest boy and I love him dearly.

After the car was packed and they were ready to go, I kissed Judah goodbye and talked with my parents.  The holes in Judah’s heart were going to be patched up through a process where they put a catheter up the vein in the groin, feed it up to his heart, and then slide the material out to cover the holes.  If this didn’t work, they would have to open his chest up and perform open-heart surgery.  I was fearful that this is what would happen because the other procedure doesn’t work for everyone.  My dad spoke with me and told me to pray and trust the Lord because He is the One that is in control.  I said goodbye to each of them and then waved them off.

During this time we all prayed and asked the Lord to protect Judah and heal him through this.

On the big day, we got to Skype with Judah and my parents through their iPhone.  They were all going very well and it was good to see them before Judah went into surgery. 

For a few hours we didn’t hear from then as we all waited.  Waiting.  Praying.  Hoping.

Then they called.  The news was wonderful: Judah’s procedure was successful!  His holes were patched up and the leakage of blood was going to be healed.  I was overjoyed!  God is so good!  My precious brother was healed.  (He had two defects: a thickening of the left ventricle and three holes… but now those holes are gone.)

I couldn’t wait for them to get home the other night!  Although it had only been three days, it felt longer than that.  We prepared a special dinner for their arrival and waited.  When the car pulled into the driveway late that night, we all ran out to meet them.  Each of us were so thankful for what God had done.  Judah was very sore, but he was so excited to see us as well. 

Judah is healthy, happy, and such a blessing.  I’m so grateful for what the Lord did and how he answered all our prayers.

"My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise."

~Psalm 57:7

At a doctor's appointment where he learned what procedure the doctor would do.

Saying "Goodbye".

Asleep in the car on the way up to the hospital.

Judah finding the hotel room.

This is what Judah called his "cozy bed".  :)

Checkups with the nurse before the surgery.

With Daddy

With Mommy

Almost ready to go in!

This is what Judah called Mommy's "Bunny Suit."

The drawing of the procedure.

Asleep after the successful procedure!

Just waking up...

Smiling in the sunshine.

Happy, healthy, and healed.

Looking through the funny glass of the fish tank.

Praise God for His miraculous hand of mercy!

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Jordan Strang said...

Judah's amazing! I'm so thankful to God as I think back just one year!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Happy 1 year Birthday for a Healthy Heart, Judah! :)
<3 Shiloh

Lieren Sinnamon said...

Praise the Lord for His protection and healing of precious Judah!!!!

sarahplainandtall said...

What a blessed day that was! We're still praying for you Judah!!! The Holston Fam