Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jordan's Birthday

Today is Jordan's 18th Birthday!  

We considered the idea of skipping because it is so busy studying for the National Bible Bee...  just kidding!

Jordan is a fine young man with a zeal and love for the Lord.  He also has almost 2,000 Bible verses memorized... which is quite impressive!

Enjoy these snapshots from Jordan's life and be sure to comment at the end of the post.

Jordan is a fantastic pianist.

We've always enjoyed singing together... thankfully we have got much better over the years!

And it's a good thing we have a male voice to sing all the guy parts.

Inthide Voithes!!!!
(Inside family joke.)

I still don't understand why we didn't leave him in there...........

Jordan likes to make sure his clothes look classy.  

...well, unless it's a joke.
He said once, "You can tell a guy by his tie!"  Wow, he was right!

Jordan trying to impress his sisters...

And here's "Mac" the Cowboy.


A screenshot from one of our movies where Jordan played a Russian.

Then there was that time the creature from outer space came to play the piano...

Jordan meeting Ray Comfort.

Look out!!!

A trio of very young spies.

Each year in honer of the Irish Christmas, Jordan cooks us a special Irish meal!

Movie time!

And for some past pictures...
A church skit we did years ago...
Yes, you guessed it.  Tevye, Golda and family with the fiddler on the lose!

Well, who is this cute soldier?

Renaissance costumes!

Another skit we did...  This one was about Paul (Jordan), Silas (Eden), Me (the Philipian jailer), and Shiloh (the Narrator).

The family in costume!

Happy 18th Birthday, Jordan!  We love you lots and are thankful for the blessing you are to our family!

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Daniel said...

WAA HOOO!! Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Kyle Bowes said...

Hi Jordon!

Happy Birthday! 18!!! It's official; you're an adult. :0)

You're a better man than I; I scarcely believe you truly know how to cook -- for Christmas, no less! Anything I cook turns out black . . . my family doesn't let me within eyesight of the kitchen.

And you got to MEET Ray Comfort! Lucky!:0)

Hope you have a great day today, and I look forward to meeting you again sometime!

Peter T. said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! Keep up the studying! Hope to see you in November!

Madi said...

Happy Birthday, Jordan! Nice job *finally* catching up. ;) :P

The Bowes Family said...

Happy 18th Birthday, Jordan! We enjoyed seeing all the pictures and reading the captions! We chuckled at many of them! (Laughing with you, not at you!
:-) We thank God for the abundant life He has given you, and for how you spend your life for Him and His glory. We pray for God's continued blessings as you wholeheartedly seek and serve Him all the days of your life!
The Bowes Family

Elanee said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! May God richly bless you this year with a renewed desire to seek Him. May He give you the desires of your heart, and make all that you do prosper.
You're a special friend and a great example of determination.

Carissa Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Jordan!!! See you in November!

Jordan Strang said...

@Everyone: Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing many of you in a few short months, and the rest of you in like two weeks!

@Kyle: Well, actually, everyone in our family cooks! So it's kinda a tradition for me to cook at least once a year... And everyone really likes the food! :)

@Bethany: I was just a little nervous that certain movies might make it on here... Not that I would have cared! ;)

Kyle Bowes said...

Ha! Well, maybe I too will make it a tradition to cook *once* a year for my family . . . like cold cereal or something. ;0)