Monday, September 16, 2013

Judah's 7th Birthday!!!

Seven years ago, Judah Philip was born right in our parent's bedroom!  We all adore Judah and it's really hard not to spoil him.  The Lord has blessed Judah with such a sweet spirit... he is a special little boy!

And he's seven now?!  No way!

If I remember correctly, Judah got into ink or something and since I caught him purple-handed, I had to snap a picture of it.

Judah and a pal.

The Irish Lad!  
Judah is very proud of his Scotch/Irish history so it is not uncommon to find him Irish Dancing or wearing a kilt. 

There's a smile to light up the room!

An assault vacuum.  Look out dust!

Cute Boy!

All dressed up like John Calvin.

This is when Judah was a ring-bearer in Auntie Kaggy's wedding.

Hey, I think he will make a great violinist!

He is definitely a comedian...

Judah drew some turkeys!

We are very thankful to the Lord for watching over Judah with his heart defect and all...  We know that Judah has a big heart for Jesus.

Judah with the Lion of Judah shield and the whole family.

We love you, Judah!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy 7th Birthday to our Cute Boy!

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Jon Mieczkowski said...

Happy Birthday Judah!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Judah:) you're such a sweet special boy, and we love you!

The Smythe Family

The Bowes Family said...

Ah,Happy 7th Birthday, Judah! We love seeing all the fun pictures of you! You are a very cute and loving boy! And we're so glad you know and love Jesus! He loves you sooooo much! You are such a gift and blessing from God to your family and to all who know you! We thank God for you!!

Have a fun birthday!
The Bowes Family

Jordan Strang said...

Happy birthday, Judah! You're awesome!


Patrizia said...

Ca-ute! Happy Birthday, Judah!!!!!