Sunday, September 8, 2013

Winton Bluegrass Concert

Alright, I admit it:
I've been a bit behind on posts.

Because of the business of Summer and all the activities we are involved in, I am going to do a little catchup here...

Back at the end of July, we hosted the Winton Bluegrass band at our house for an evening of music.  This time around (we've hosted them in the past) they also brought the Pelster family with them and the girls joined in for a few numbers.

Working hard to set up chairs...

Well, some of us were working...

Lookin' good!

Daddy announces the band!
(He does a great job being an MC.)

And here they come!

Mr. Winton's jokes are the best!


Because our house is in a valley, the sound echoed off the hills and created a really neat ambience.

Great music.

Jordan changing the mood to more of an Hawaiian atmosphere...

A very festive night!

We really enjoyed spending time with the Pelster Girls and hope that the Lord will bring our paths to cross!

Jesse and Jordan.

And of course we ended the evening by singing music together!

Check out some of their concert numbers:

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Jon Mieczkowski said...

Looks like a cool event! The Wintons are a lot of fun -
Random thought - love how innumerable posts have the "gather 'round the piano" pose going! Always a great way to wrap up events/late nights, LOL