Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life Skills Class Part1

Last night we went to Mrs Ko's house for an evening of learning Life Skills. The Mother's listened to an Economics Discussion while us girls did a "Chalk Art" picture with Beth. We had so much fun. But on the way home... well, I think I will just have you wait till later to hear that part of the story...! In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

Joy just before heading out to do her project.

Us Strang girls with Beth.

After the project: a few remaining girls.

Shiloh with her picture:

Me with mine:

Eden with hers:

Okay... for the remainder part of the story! On our way back home I was suppose to be directing Mommy to the right roads. Well, unfortunately I missed a turn (it was so dark...) and we found ourselves driving down a very strange road with windy switchbacks. But worse then that, we didn't know we were on that road until a long time after. But even worse then that, our car was almost out of gas. But still worse then that, we were lost. But nevertheless worse then that, when I called Daddy to find out what road we were on I lost Cellphone reception. But worse then that... well... I think you know that we thought that there was nothing worse then that! So finally we came to a place that I was able to get Daddy on the phone. He got on the computer and was able to guide us home that way. And so to conclude this wild adventure we arrived safely at home just a little later then expected. Whew!
But through all of that we learned to trust God. If it wasn't for His protection, that crazy night might have turned out much worse than expected! Thank God it didn't!

Well even though we had a very unexpected night time drive last night, we still had a wonderful time ad can't wait till next week!
Remember: Life Skills Class Part 2 is soon to come! Stay tuned!
Oh, by the way, I don't think I'm going to direct the way back home next time either! I done with being a "backseat driver"! :-)
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