Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Piano Recital

Just last Sunday (the 31) we had our piano recital with the Ko Music Studio. It was a wonderful night and we had a great time. Here are the pictures:

Bethany: No, I'm not very good at doing my own hair... but thankfully I have a wonderful big sister that will help me with it! Whew!

Shiloh: I had the pleasure of doing all three sisters hair... I love doing hair!
Bethany: The finished product!

Shiloh: Thank you De-De for the flowers--they added a very pretty touch...

Bethany: This is a Origami piano and bench that Eden (with my help) made for Mrs. Ko.

Bethany: Shiloh played an impressive duet called Gavotte by J.S. Bach with Mrs. Ko. This is her rehearsal.

Shiloh: I've been playing this piece for about 2 years now... I love it! Bach is so expressive!

Studies have shown that different people handle stress in different ways...

Bethany: Here is our rehearsal. A little calmer, I should say, then the rehearsal the night before. We won't talk about that...

Shiloh: Jordan and Bethany played a very jumpy duet called "Cuckoo" by L.C. Daquin...

Bethany: Eden practices her piece Minuet in G minor by J.S. Bach.

Shiloh: Ah! Our darling little De-De is growing up!

Bethany: Eden also played an ensemble piece called Sonatina by L.van Beethoven.

Shiloh: De-De immediately after playing. :)

Bethany: These are just some duet pictures of Jordan and I.

Shiloh: The view from the balcony...

Shiloh: A group shot...

Shiloh: After the recital there was a potbless and awards ceremony...

Bethany: The Strangs and the Ashmores (Thanks for coming Ashmore family!).

Bethany and Shiloh enjoying dinner.

Jordan and Troy:
Judah and Natalie.

Bethany: The Strang Family. We are so thankful for the gift of music!

Shiloh: We greatly missed our Daddy who had to work...

Shiloh: Here we are with Gwennie one of the older students! Gwennie~ we had a wonderful time seeing you again! Hope to see you again soon.

Bethany: Us with our wonderful piano teacher.

Shiloh: On the way home Judah simply had to start up his favorite game... Viking!

Bethany: This is a very expressive picture of me...

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