Friday, June 12, 2009

OCEANetwork Conference

Hello! This is the Strang Sisters blogging the OCEANetwork Conference! Today, we went to the very first day of the OCEAN conference. We hope you enjoy the pictures. Hopefully, we will have more on Saturday! Enjoy!

Judah with his gift from Bu-Bu!
Yes, it took Jordan 20 push-ups to get that "D" ring for Boy, but then he can do more push-ups then that! :)

Man Work~

Bethany welcomes us to the Convention Center~

Does anyone remember the trio???

Here we are again-- one year later...
This was such a fun picture to take! :) The elevator had a mirror on the ceiling!

Our Little Boy is getting to be a Little Man~

Judah with "Yi-yo - Mum" (yes, that's what he calls me sometimes...) on the escalator!
This was one of the greatest amusements in the center!

Jordan shows off his latest "trick" on how to easily get the pack-n-play up...

The Ashmore Family with their twins... twin dolls that is...
Boy holds Sister's hand~

In this little video clip Judah displays he latest ability to walk fast~
Notice: How he gets "Mama Beh's" attention ( and yes, that is his newest name for Bethany)...

We're HOME!

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